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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be online to use Biggly Diet and Exercise software?
No, it is a program that you download and install on your own computer, being different from Biggly's free online diet software

Does it "expire" after awhile?
Only the demo, after purchase it is yours for life.

Upgrades are half price and roughly every 6 months to a year

Do you do a version for Mactintosh?
Sorry, no.

Do you take Paypal?
Yes, just select Paypal as your method of payment during the purchase process.

Do I have to enter what I eat every day?
Initially yes you should do, over time you can spot check every now and then, but to start with, every day. You will be amazed however at how often you eat the same things and once stored in your favorites it's actually much easier than you might think!

It doesn't save my data?
You have to click "Update profile" before it will save.

Can't find a turkey and ham sandwich?
I actually wrote an article on this topic. You can read the answer here

How do I....?
From inside the software click "Help" (top of screen) and select the manual. If still stuck please feel free to email!

Paid or long-term members

There is a more in-depth membership area only available to regular members from the early days of I am no longer accepting new members into this section and am now instead offering a free slimming and bodybuilding community

Existing members of the original system, log in below. Your blogs, private home pages and so on are still there

Can I use it on more than one computer?

Yes! Biggly connects to our server to check the license, then runs happily on up to 4 computers!

Can my wife/partner/friend use it?

Yes! You can create as many user files as you like. Just click "Users" and select "New"
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