You know that counting calories actually means counting your calories, not guessing.

You know that progressive overload means keeping track of what you did last time and knowing what to do this time. You know mass gains come from setting goals, monitoring results and homing in on what works for your physique

In short, to get a hard body you need the hard figures
Exercise software inc' weight training workouts, cardio & nutrition combined in one diet software download

Biggly is Workout (Weight Training Exercise) Software

From the pre-set exercise list or add your own, Biggly will record the weight, the reps, the sets, the rest period, if you did negative reps and graphs your workout by both volume and your strength, before automatically calculating your calories burnt.

The exercise graph button shows the per-set volume for that specific exercise over the last 4 weeks, with one click

When following any workout regime you will find the exercises and the intensity are usually expressed as something such as 3 sets of 12 reps, or 4 sets of 8 reps etc. That's great but just how much weight should you put on the bar for a specific number of reps? If you've ever done that exercise before you can just select it and again with one click you can see your 1RM*, your 2RM, your 3RM... up to your 20RM

*1RM - 'one rep max', the maximum you could lift in one go. Biggly can calculate this for you, plus how much weight you could lift for 8 reps, 10 reps ect.

You can scribble a little note for each specific set plus you have a large daily journal for current or future notes.

Biggly is Cardio Exercise Software

For fitness or to get ripped there's few things better than a spot of cardiovascular exercise. Whether you're just spinning a wheel on an eliptical bike or competitive on the track, Biggly records and graphs your distance and duration, calculates your speed, you lap time and is also designed to work with HIIT. Exercise calories calculated? Yes, or enter manually.

Sounds Fantastic - but Complicated?

The back-end of the exercise software is complicated but the bit you use is not.

The interface is simple, cheerful and where possible things are calculated and graphed for you, automatically. Biggly is friendly software! Most actions are performed with just a few clicks, with the system built around your personal profile. Your workout partner can also create their own profile; there is no limit to the number of user-files you can produce.

Its flexibility means you can use as many or as few of the features as you like. Hate cardio? No worries. Don't want to record your rest periods? Not a problem. Want to use everything? It's simple.

Upgrades are FREE.

Both the Biggly software and ebook are updated regularly

For true Exercise software think Biggly
Biggly is Exercise & Diet Software

How many calories do you need each day?
How many are you currenty inhaling?

The most effective means of establishing your calorie requirementsis to monitor what you actually eat for a week or two, then look in themirror.

Biggly's diet software will automatically calculate what you need to
maintain your current weight, will calculate your lean body mass for
your minimum requirements when cutting and will recommend how
many you need when going for a short-term mass bulk

It takes into account your daily activity level but is also flexible,
allowing you to enter a manual target that is reflected throughout thesystem. It gives targets for your food group ratio, between protein, fats and carbs. Don't like that ratio? You can change that manually too.

Your calories and ratio are automatically graphed for you upon
entering items from the massive database or new items you'd addedyourself.A powerful search system built-in makes finding food easy, then it gets easier because you can saveitems into your favorite food list

For convenience you can also save entire meals, including drinks or supplement stacks.
Diet Software For Bodybuilders
Diet Software For Bodybuilders